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When you're setting up or even redesigning a restaurant, one of the key considerations will be how you design your commercial kitchen. Finding the right balance between your budget, your environmental footprint, your staff and your menu is tough - and with new, innovative cooking technology on the market, figuring out what you actually need versus what will equip your kitchen for years to come can be a challenge. 

Inside our free guide, you will find expert advice from our team of chefs, foodservice managers and equipment specialists, focusing on four key areas:

General considerations 
In addition to your overall budget (arguably the most critical investment element), we look at the key factors that will determine the types of equipment your establishment should invest in, such as space, theme, menu, energy requirements and more. 

New versus second-hand
During the planning stages, you could find that your budget is tight - tight enough to consider buying second-hand equipment rather than brand-new. We run through the reasons why you should think twice before taking this thought any further.

Choosing an equipment partner
A discussion about why you might consider working with an equipment dealer, a consultant or a designer. 

Key commercial kitchen equipment
Our top picks for must haves in any commercial kitchen. We guide you through the pieces of equipment that can bring you the most bang for your buck and the key features to look for in such types of equipment. 

This free e-guide contains: